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BREW’s 2023 Journey in Review


BREW’s 2023 Journey in Review

The journey through 2023 at BREW has been nothing short of remarkable, filled with moments of growth, innovation, and the creation of lasting connections.

This year has been more than a collection of months; it has been a testament to our commitment to excellence, the pursuit of innovation, and the nurturing of a workplace culture that values collaboration and inclusivity.

While we have just entered the new year, we want to celebrate the milestones that have brought us here.

Our 2023 Journey: Growth

As we look back at BREW's journey through 2023, the theme of growth stands out. It's not just about the numbers; it's also about creating a space where new ideas can grow and where everyone can feel proud of their work. Let's talk about how our team has grown, how our organizational culture contributed to the place where we are and the important events that have made us who we are this year.

Not only finding the right talent but also retaining it!

2023 was a year where companies craved the right talent and worked to maintain it. The people who work at BREW are what keep it going, and 2023 saw our team grow and thrive. Bringing in new talent has been more than just growth; it has been a deliberate effort to create a web of different skills and points of view.

The arrival of our new teammates has not only made our team stronger but has also made it more dynamic and open to working together.

What's even more thrilling? Not a single team member left the company in 2023, signifying a culture of stability, satisfaction, and mutual growth.

Our team isn't just a bunch of different people; it's a group of skills that work together to reach a single goal. BREW is moving forward because of this growth, which is more than just adding more jobs. It's an investment in the group's potential.

Getting Great Place to Work Certified


Obtaining the Great Place to Work certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace culture. We take great pride in achieving this certification, recognizing it as a result of our efforts in creating an environment that values teamwork, creativity, inclusivity, and our dedication to earning this prestigious recognition.

A Glimpse of Achievements of our Projects

Technology is constantly changing, so acknowledgment is more than a pat on the back—it validates our commitment to greatness. As we reflect on 2023, let's highlight BREW's industry awards and recognition.

Projects Awarded: Škoda - Altın Örümcek


Škoda Türkiye's website has just won the Altın Örümcek Ödülleri Award in the automotive category. And the team behind this exquisite achievement? Team BREW! For the uninitiated, the Altın Örümcek is Turkey's premier independent accolade, celebrating outstanding projects in the web, digital marketing, and mobile tech spaces. It's all about spotlighting stellar work, fostering further investment, and setting the digital trends. Every award we win is a testament to our clients and peers' belief in BREW as a symbol of excellence.

Projects with Exceptional Clients

We have achieved numerous projects with our exceptional clients in the year 2023. In the dynamic landscape of technology, versatility is key. In 2023, BREW has been actively involved in numerous projects with exceptional clients, crafting solutions across various industries. From finance and credit solutions with En Uygun to automotive excellence with Doğuş Otomotiv, each project is proof to our ability to tailor our expertise to the unique needs of our clients:

  • En Uygun Finance & Credit
  • DOD
  • Doğuş Otomotiv
  • Lunafi
  • TMRW Foundation
  • Mobilet
  • Koç Sistem
  • Blinkie

Our start-ups

We're currently involved in managing two startups: BeforeSunset AI and! Let's dive in for a quick overview; crafts personalized daily schedules automatically, while revolutionizes HR with AI-powered recruitment. What's really intriguing about these startups? It's not just the bigwigs at the helm; some of our BREW team members are also shareholders! We're fully committed to unveiling fresh products in collaboration with our team.


Attending Conferences: Making Tech Connections

BREW actively engaged in various conferences and events throughout 2023, including the prestigious Web Summit held in Lisbon. These gatherings served as invaluable opportunities for our team to learn, network, and stay abreast of the latest industry trends. At the Web Summit 2023, we not only showcased our innovative contributions but also expanded our horizons, gaining a broader perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

By attending conferences and events, we've shared our knowledge and learned from industry professionals. These exchanges demonstrate our dedication to technical innovation.

Our Engaging and Most Loved Events

From engaging events to remarkable milestones, our visual journey showcases the vibrant moments that shaped our year.

Bodrum - June 24

Our team events are greatly loved... This year, to welcome the summer, we went to Bodrum together with our team. We met and had a great time, boosting our energy and enhancing our creativity. It was magnificent.

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İzmir - November 15

We've been operating in a hybrid work setup since our establishment 14 years ago, so we're seasoned pros in this style of work. We frequently organize team get-togethers to collaborate, catch up, and discuss our strategy. One of these gatherings took place at our IZQ office in Izmir. Here's a snapshot of our team during that time.


BREW Sailing Team - November 24

We're excited to share the establishment of BREW's newly formed sailing team! Under the leadership of our CTO, Gökçen Öğütçü, we've commenced our inaugural sailing journey, marking the beginning of numerous upcoming adventures on the water. This ongoing initiative promises to foster stronger team cohesion and camaraderie, providing an exceptional platform for team bonding. Anticipate witnessing more of our sailing escapades throughout 2024 as we embrace this thrilling new chapter together.


Cyprus - December 15

Just like every year, we came together with our team to welcome 2024, this time in Cyprus! At this gathering, we discussed and summarized our achievements in 2023, and we formulated our strategy for 2024. At the end of this meeting, we had an amazing New Year's Eve party. We're all set for 2024!


Ready For an Energetic 2024!

Finally, as we come to the end of our look back at BREW's 2023, we want to express our deepest gratitude to all of our clients and team. This year has shown how the whole BREW team has grown, come up with new ideas, and been completely dedicated. We've praised successes, dealt with problems, and made deep connections. Now we are ready for an energetic and productive 2024!

Begüm Atılgan

Begüm Atılgan


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