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Guilds at BREW


Guilds at BREW

BREW's Unique Take on Spotify's Agile Manifesto: Embracing Guilds for Service Excellence in Software Development

In the fast-paced world of service-oriented companies, embracing adaptable and innovative work structures is key to staying ahead of the curve. Spotify, a renowned product company, has introduced an Agile Manifesto that has captured the attention of businesses worldwide.

However, at BREW, we recognized the need to tailor these concepts to our unique service-oriented approach. In this blog post, we explore how BREW has incorporated Spotify's agile principles, specifically the concept of 'guilds,' to foster a culture of learning, collaboration, and service excellence, particularly in the realm of web and mobile application development.

Understanding Spotify's Agile Manifesto: A Blueprint for Customization

Spotify's Agile Manifesto is a comprehensive framework that delineates various aspects of their work style. What sets it apart is its encouragement to organizations not to replicate it verbatim, but to adapt and develop their own manifestos based on their specific needs.

This approach resonates deeply with the diverse nature of teams and projects in the business landscape. One size only fits some, especially when dealing with the intricate nuances of service-oriented companies like BREW. For instance, in the domain of web development and mobile development, where rapid iterations and collaborative problem-solving are essential, the flexibility offered by Spotify's Agile Manifesto becomes particularly valuable.

Guilds: BREW's Answer to Service-Oriented Collaboration

Among the several elements of Spotify's Agile Manifesto, one concept found a perfect home at BREW – the idea of 'guilds.' In the Spotify model, guilds are communities of interest formed by experts from different teams, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and problem-solving.

At BREW, where the pursuit of new horizons is a constant, guilds became an essential structure, particularly in facilitating agile practices and advancing expertise in areas such as web development and mobile application development.

The BREW Guilds: Cultivating Expertise, Nurturing Leadership

Guilds at BREW are platforms for in-depth exploration and problem-solving within specific subjects. These groups, though led organically, operate with a purpose – to obtain profound knowledge, address craft challenges, and seamlessly share acquired wisdom. Unlike traditional hierarchical structures, guilds don't rely on appointed leaders; instead, natural leadership emerges from within the group.

Inclusivity and Active Participation: The Cornerstones of BREW's Guilds

One of the distinguishing features of BREW's guilds is their openness. These groups are accessible to everyone within the organization. However, membership comes with a commitment – active participation.

Members are encouraged to invest their free time in addressing challenges and contributing to the guild's objectives. This voluntary dedication not only enriches individual skill sets but also strengthens the collaborative spirit of the entire organization.

BREW and Guilds: Nurturing Knowledge to Transform Business

At BREW, the guilds are not just a casual initiative. They are meticulously organized, provided with resources, and allowed the freedom to operate beyond traditional working hours. The ultimate goal? Systematic knowledge sharing, skill instruction, and, most importantly, transforming acquired expertise into tangible business functions.

BREW's guilds are not merely intellectual exercises; they are dynamic entities shaping the future of the company.

Conclusion: Brewing Success Through Customized Agile Practices

In embracing the essence of Spotify's Agile Manifesto, BREW has not just adopted a set of rules; it has internalized a philosophy.

By customizing the concept of guilds to suit the unique needs of a service-oriented company, BREW has unlocked new avenues for learning, collaboration, and innovation, particularly in areas such as website development, web application development and mobile development and agile methodology. In a world where change is constant, BREW stands as a testament to the power of adaptability, innovation, and technological advancement shaping a future where service excellence knows no bounds.

Cheers from BREW – where the blend of service expertise and agile principles creates a recipe for unparalleled success!

Gökçen Öğütçü

Gökçen Öğütçü


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