Lunafi Web App Development

Lunafi is a financial suite for self-employed professionals in the United States that allows them to discover and track tax write-offs, see their tax liability estimates and tax savings, manage their invoices, and gain insights into their business and personal finances through automated tasks and AI-driven recommendations.
California, USA

Objectives and Problems

Lunafi is an existing iOS app for Finance management used by current users. Our task in this project was to create a web version of this application, focusing on developing specific design enhancements and solutions tailored to this website.
Limited Availability
Lunafi's exclusive availability as a mobile app limits user accessibility and functionality, particularly for self-employed people who require a more comprehensive interface for data management. This limitation restricts seamless access to critical business information when users work on larger screens or desktops, impacting productivity and flexibility.
Transactions’ Actions
In the Lunafi Web App Development project, our goal is to enable users to manage their account transactions more effectively. In this regard, we aimed to add a bulk transaction feature, allowing users to batch delete and categorize their account transactions. With this development, users will be able to efficiently manage their transactions, saving time and increasing overall productivity.
Clear Data Presentation
We planned to enhance the accessibility of data analysis for users by visualizing data to improve readability. In this way, we aim to make users able to manage their data analysis processes more comprehensibly and effectively in the later stages.


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User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Web Frontend Development

API Integration

Project Management

Quality Assurance


1 * UX / UI Designer

4 * Front-End Developer

1 * Back-End Developer

1 * Project Manager

1 * QA Engineer



React / Typescript


Styled Components




Plaid / Stripe


Solutions & Key Features

New Upgraded Dashboard
Lunafi’s revamped Dashboard introduces an interface tailored to users' needs. It consolidates crucial business metrics, presenting a comprehensive overview of business and personal spending, profit progress, and current net cash. With enhanced visual elements and new widgets, the Dashboard empowers users to make informed decisions swiftly.

Data Table & Bulk Action
The new Data Table feature in Lunafi's web version simplifies complex data management by offering a user-friendly interface. Users can swiftly navigate and organize extensive datasets, performing bulk actions like classNameifying and changing categories of transactions. This feature streamlines workflow efficiency, saving valuable time for self-employed people handling large volumes of information.

Visual Data Presentation
The Visual Data Presentation feature in Lunafi leverages cutting-edge data visualization techniques. It transforms raw numbers and statistics into interactive charts, graphs, and infographics. This intuitive representation enhances data comprehension, allowing users to quickly identify patterns, trends, and correlations. From pie charts illustrating sales distribution to trend lines depicting growth trajectories, this feature facilitates insightful analysis.

Lunafi AI
Lunafi integrates an AI-powered Chat system, serving as a virtual assistant for users seeking real-time support and guidance. The AI Chatbot utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to understand user queries, providing instant responses and relevant information. Whether it's inquiries about features, troubleshooting, or accessing resources, the AI Chat simplifies user interactions and fosters a seamless user experience within the app.

These descriptions can be tailored and expanded upon based on the specifics of Lunafi's functionalities and the benefits they bring to users in the context of Finance management. Adjust the language and details to best highlight the unique value propositions of each feature for your case study presentation.


Typography, Colors & Components


Basic foundation elements


The role and approach of the development team

The role of the Brew Development team in the project was to create pages from scratch based on the defined designrequirements and analyses. Starting with the creation of components, we organized them at the atomic level using a Storybook library.

“We integrated the generated components into pages and synchronized service connections. Since Lunafi is already a mobile-based application, we utilized the existing endpoints. The comprehensive documentation of this backend structure greatly facilitated our work."
Uğur Sözen
Software Development Lead at Brew
The integration process particularly involved organizing and optimizing the user interface.This included crucial integrations such as Plaid and Stripe, which formed the backbone of the project.

In the final stage of the project, we enhanced user interactionby adding an AI-powered chatbot.
Cihan Bilir
Co-Founder, Lunafi
“Their professionalism and effective communication significantly stood out throughout our collaboration.”
Brew Interactive understood the client's needs and met the project's requirements. The team exhibited a proactive and professional attitude. Brew Interactive adhered to the project's timelines and allocated budget. The team had effective communication with the client via email and virtual meetings.
The core aim of our project was to create a web version of an existing iOS application, providing users who cannot access the application via iOS devices with the opportunity to do so through the web. However, not all features are accessible through the web, and at specific points, users are directed from the web application to the app for access to specific application features. This approach allows us to reach a broader audience through the web while maintaining flexibility in accessing specialized features.
Our client has trusted our experience in the field of user experience (UX), which made them open to my ideas and guidance. This allowed us to take the initiative and move forward. Collaborating harmoniously, we successfully delivered a beautiful project.
Çiğdem Şahin
Project Manager at Brew
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