We single-handedly provide design, development, and QA services to get your software product up-and-running.

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Project Management & Analysis

At BREW, we apply Agile guidelines to the workflow in order to maximize our team’s ability to deliver work efficiently. We respond swiftly to client and project requirements and adapt quickly to the evolving market to get to the best solution possible.

We meet your needs by relying on Scrum and Scrum-ban processes, with defined development and design cycles, giving your project the right amount of flexibility and structure to get things done.

UX/UI Design

To us, every single piece of the solution matters — not only as an element in itself but as a part of something bigger.

We don’t just do Design.

Every single detail is analysed not only in visual terms, but we also make sure that they work in harmony with all of your brand elements, every step of the way. Making sure that every component is on track with target audience, brand compatibility, accessibility, usability and applicability is always at the forefront of what we do.

Engineering & Development

At BREW, we embrace the diverse yet interconnected nature of frontend technologies, leveraging similarities without compromising on differences. Our team stays ahead by exploring emerging frameworks, creating sample projects, and offering recommendations based on quality insights. Collaborative communication between frontend, design, and backend teams ensures early issue identification and timely solutions.

In backend development, BREW pioneers flexible, scalable, and distributed structures, rejecting monolithic approaches for adaptable models fit for today's tech landscape. Our refined DevOps methodologies guarantee seamless functionality regardless of user scale, ensuring every project receives meticulous attention and comprehensive solutions.

Machine Learning & NLP

At BREW, we specialize in leveraging open-source language models (LLMs) to fuel our project innovations. With a strong focus on generative AI, we harness these cutting-edge models to craft groundbreaking solutions.

Our expertise lies in utilizing open-source LLMs to create unique and intelligent systems, driving transformative change in software development. We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable, using these advanced AI capabilities to redefine possibilities in our projects.

Quality Assurance

We don’t do half-baked work.

At our core, quality drives our business, rooted in our commitment to Behavior-driven Development (BDD) throughout design and development. We craft and maintain test scenarios, integrating them seamlessly into the business analysis. Our primary focus is proactive: preventing bugs before they arise, rather than simply reacting to them post-development.

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