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We transform your idea into a perfectly designed and engineered software product.

Gökçen Öğütçü Sep 18, 23

Deploying to private servers with "Bitbucket" Pipelines and Tailscale

Tailscale is a Wireguard (r) based networking tool that allows access to your private resources. It creates encrypted tunnels between your resources with almost zero-config and works out-of-the-box.

Semih Elarslan Aug 31, 23

From Zero to One: Product Development with a UX-Centric Approach

It is obvious that mobile app development does not have clear, established rules. The background for success in mobile app development...

Selin Çelik Jul 07, 23

Personas in UX Research Processes

Have you ever wondered why UX researchers make use of personas during the design and development stages? To unfamiliar eyes, making use of personas in the research…

Beste Çağın Ağırdağ Apr 07, 23

Why I love working at BREW

I had worked as a lawyer for quite some time before changing careers and joining BREW. What makes a career sustainable is the happiness, satisfaction and productivity you can derive from it.

Semih Elarslan Oct 03, 22

Product/Service Design for Closed Systems

The research process is the primary one among the most critical processes of product design. Especially when it comes to the design of a product from…

Team Work Jul 02, 22

How to Brief on a Digital Product

What are the clues of a to-the-point design and software brief? We witness an increase in corporations’ need for digital transformation day by day, especially after the pandemic. When looked into the last 12 years…

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