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We know the gaps, we know how to bridge
your product your users
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test plans releases
user experience user interface
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business analysis test cases
your product your users

We create UX focused designs for your products, provide the technology and development experience to build it and, co-work with your team for continuous delivery and growth.

Core Values

Perfect Balance

Being a quality-focused design and software studio, we maintain a balance between your idea, the user experience and the technology behind it.

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Project Management & Business Analysis

We rely on Scrum and Scrum-ban processes, with defined development and design cycles, giving your project the right amount of flexibility and structure to get things done.

UX/UI Design

We carry out extensive UX research and make sure all UI elements work in harmony with your brand, from start to finish. We anticipate problems, work efficiently around them, and leave no detail unchecked.

Frontend Engineering

We work with the most popular and current frontend frameworks but we keep a close eye on all emerging ones. More importantly, our tech is reliable and we base our recommendations on quality, not hearsay.

Backend Engineering

At Brew, we build flexible, scalable and distributed structures that make better use of the value you entrust us with. Whether we’re building for 10 users or 10 million, all projects have the same detailed perspective.

QA & Test Automation

We don’t do half-baked work. Quality is in the heart of our business and we rely on a Behavior-driven development approach (BDD), at every stage. Automation is more than a test to us and we treat each project with diligence.

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We undertook many projects and helped companies push their businesses forward. Serving clients in entertainment, retail, automotive, education, finance, and information technologies.

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